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Garden Roses

Garden Roses: The Complete Guide to Growing & Arranging Spectacular Blooms

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  • How to Create a Simple and Elevated Rose Arrangement at Home video class – to be downloaded and accessed at your convenience
  • A digital download of 16 Grace Rose Farm Botanical Prints (high-quality fine art prints depicting gorgeous roses grown, photographed, and designed by Gracie – a $160 value!)
  • A guide to Gracie’s Top 10 Rose Varieties to Plant This Spring – plus 30% off all of the included varieties!

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About the Book

Grace Rose Farm: Garden Roses

By Gracielinda Poulson

A one-of-a-kind guide to growing, cutting, and arranging the most beautiful roses in the world, Garden Roses belongs in the hands of every flower lover. Each page of this glorious book steeps the reader in the iconic mystique of the rose: Its breathtaking beauty, in hundreds of photographs. Its secrets, in the incredible breadth of information on the varieties best suited for cutting and how to raise them to thrive in the garden or a container, in almost any climate zone. And its unique presence in our lives, in all the ways to style and display roses, from a simple vaseful to more elaborate tablescapes and floral arches, truly elevating the flower that more than any other has captured our imaginations and delighted our eyes.

Gracielinda Poulson

About the Author

Gracielinda Poulson is the founder of Grace Rose Farm, an estate in Southern California that grows and ships hundreds of rose varieties to florists and customers each year. Gracie has built a devoted base of rose-loving customers and fans, inspiring and empowering novice gardeners and green thumbs alike to begin their own rose journey in their home gardens. Grace Rose Farm has been featured in publications like Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Victoria, and many more. Gracie, her husband, Ryan, and their daughter, Seraphina, live in Southern California where they nurture their rose-growing passion each day. Follow along on Instagram at @gracerosefarm and join the Facebook group Growing Roses with Grace Rose Farm to learn how to grow roses with thousands of rose gardeners.  

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